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REVIEW — “St. Vincent”


“St. Vincent” has one of the most perfectly cast leads you’ll see in theaters all year. Bill Murray owns this role, molds it, shapes it, and gives it a unique spin that will leave audiences laughing and holding back tears. The story takes us on a tour of emotions, and leaves the audiences walking out the door with a smile on their faces.


The cast is likely the best part of this as everyone contributes in a big way. I normally HATE Melissa McCarthy, but she wasn’t nearly as grotesque and crude in this as she usually is. She played a realistic single mother, but they didn’t focus the entire picture on her. Naomi Watts had the most surprising appearance playing a pregnant Russian stripper, but she really nailed the accent, and if I didn’t know Watts I would actually think this was a pregnant Russian. The cherry on top was Billy Murray who has such charisma it makes you wish he had roles like this more often.


The story was well written, and really developed our two leads: Vincent (Murray) and his child counterpart. From start to finish there is something for everyone to enjoy: drama, romance, laughs, a bit of action, and MORE BILL MURRAY! We get to see this hateful obnoxious cranky old goat, with a hidden heart of gold, slowly transform into a slightly less hateful obnoxious cranky old goat, and we have a blast doing it.


The comedy was great, and had the audience in stitches, but there isn’t much here for younger audiences. Everything seems to be geared and focused on mature and older audiences, and a lot of the plot is relatable to movie goers. There are some pacing issues, but as a whole things move rather quickly and you’re never left looking at your watch.


“St. Vincent” is a feel good film that takes you through the paces. Laughs, Tears and bully beat downs help make this a comedy for the older audiences. Bill Murray and Naomi Watts deliver amazing performances, and offer viewers something fresh from the, as of late, stale comedy genre. This is well worth watching, and shouldn’t be missed. 4.5/5


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