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REVIEW — “The Art of Racing in the Rain”

“The Art of Racing in the Rain” is a poignant, tug at the heart movie with plenty of laughs.  The story is narrated by Kevin Costner as the voice of Enzo, the fluffy golden dog.  This family-friendly flick gives movie goers a look at the life of a racecar driver, Denny Swift (Milo Ventimiglia), and his four footed best friend.

Denny adopts Enzo as a puppy and the two become inseparable.  Enzo learns about life through Denny’s philosophy of how to win a race.  There are some nice looks at life on and off the race track including how Denny becomes known for being able to “feel” and maneuver the turns in the rain.

Life is great for the two, then Denny suddenly starts falling in love with a woman, Eve (Amanda Seyfried).  Enzo can’t help but fall for her too as she is so supportive of Denny and his dreams.  After they are married Enzo’s world changes again when a cute little human pup named Zoe enters the picture.  Things seem to be perfect.

Bring your tissues because perfect doesn’t last too long when tragedy steps in.  Things go from bad to worse in a family conflict with Denny’s in-laws (Kathy Baker and Martin Donovan).  Through it all, Enzo remains steadfast for Denny.

Enzo once saw a television documentary on Mongolia where they believe if they are good enough, animals return as humans in their next life.  Enzo has a new goal.  He wants to be a racecar driver like Denny.  This becomes the underlying story for the movie.

Kevin Costner gives one of his best performances as the deep, gravel-y voice of Enzo.  One can’t help but fall for this lovable dog and his take on life.  My two favorite scenes involve a zebra stuffed animal and, the best, a hot chili pepper.  This is a movie for the entire family, especially dog lovers.

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