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REVIEW — A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor is a thriller/comedy with plot twists to keep even the best movie-goer detectives on their toes.  Parents be warned, this is not a movie for kids – language and sexual content is strictly adult.  However adults will love the laughs, and there are a lot, as well as the tension of a suspenseful thriller.

The story is about two women who become unlikely friends.  Stephanie (Anna Kendrick) is a homely widowed helicopter mom with a mommy vlog and an overbearing personality.  While Emily (Blake Lively) is a beautiful, rich fashionista mom with a flair for gin martinis.  The two become friends when their two sons, who are best friends at school, want to play together.

Stephanie becomes enamored with Emily’s glamorous lifestyle and fearless “never-say-sorry” attitude.  Then comes the day when Emily calls and asks for a simple favor – could Stephanie pick up Emily’s son from school a keep him for a few hours while she works overtime at her prestigious job.

Emily doesn’t return to pick up her son and after a while is declared missing.  Even though the police are on the case, Stephanie is determined to find out what happened to her best and only friend.  Her investigation reveals one secret after another.  Who really knew Emily at all?  Certainly not her grieving handsome author husband Sean (Henry Golding).

What happened to Emily?  Did she run away?  Or did something horrible happen to her?

This is a really fun though sometimes predictable flick.  Kendrick and Lively are both perfection in their roles.  And the sophisticated French music score is contemporary and vibrant.  Don’t miss this one.


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