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REVIEW — “The Best of Me”


The Best of Me is the newest movie based off of a Nicholas Sparks novel. This one features Dawson (James Marsden) and Amanda (Michelle Monaghan), adorable former high school sweethearts torn apart by the totally unfair justice system. After 21 years, the two are brought together again by the death of their old and dear friend, Tuck (Gerald McRaney).  As Dawson and Amanda are reunited, they find that their love has never died. And now is the perfect time because Dawson is single and Amanda is married to a mean alcoholic. However, according to Nicholas Sparks, requited love does not a compelling romance make.

The Best Of Me

The Best of Me is almost painful to watch. The dialogue is terrible and forced. Characters utter ridiculous sentences like, “You want me to fall back in love with you. How do I do that when I haven’t ever stopped”.  Is this supposed to be romantic? Someone please explain this to me because I don’t understand.  When I heard this line I think I got whiplash from the massive eye roll that occurred in my poor skull. Additionally, the plot could not be more contrived if it tried. All character development is propped up on the crutches of romance cliché’s like terminal illnesses, wise elders and parents that just don’t understand.

The Best Of Me

The Best of Me has a few things going for it, but they are only for your eyes. Despite the garbage that they have to work with, Marsden and Monaghan are two incredibly attractive people who have good onscreen chemistry. So even though the most inane sentences came out of their mouths, I didn’t mind watching them get their smooch on. The locations are also extremely beautiful. Honestly, anyone could fall in love with anyone if you shoved them together onto breathtaking sites like these.

The Best Of Me
LOOK, a candle between them! Obviously to symbolize the constant undying flame of LOVE between them #adorbs

I would like to express my sympathies to men everywhere who will be sacrificing their time (and potentially their brain cells) watching this movie to make their women happy. Y’all are the real MVP. My review today is less of an opinion and more of a warning. If you have an average amount of common sense and are not swayed by heavy handed soundtracks and sentimental clichés, The Best of Me will bring out the worst in you.


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  1. Jennifer Swoish
    June 26, 2015 at 11:21 pm — Reply

    You have no soul. This was an awesome movie. The ending was kind of predictable after a certain point, but it had some surprises as well. It was a great cheesy romantic story. Its Nicholas Sparks its meant to be a tear jerker heart tugging romance.

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