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Review — Disneynature “Penguins”

Disney has once again given a heartwarming storyline to the life of a small Adelie penguin.  A Disneynature film, narrated by Ed Helms, follows the coming of age story of a penguin named Steve.  Funny monologue and amazing cinematography make this a movie for all ages.

Five year old Steve arrives on the scene late for his first season of joining the adults in the annual mating game.  One of my favorite scenes is when Steve wanders into the wrong species of penguins where everyone is much taller and bigger.  He is bullied and forced out of the group by both adults and toddlers.  “I just got beat up by a baby,” is a funny and endearing line from the movie as he waddles away.

Steve finally finds his way and joins the other Adelie males as they stake out their mating plots.  Pebbles are gathered to build a nest atop the icy ground as they wait for the females to arrive.  When Steve finally finds his perfect mate the audience gets to witness a penguin mating dance.  Beautiful.

The musical score, which includes music from Patti Labelle, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake, is perfect as we watch Steve endure the difficulties of Artic living:  the weather, killer whales and scary seal attacks, and, of course, parenting.  Disney has a real winner with this nature film.

Be sure to stay through the credits and get a look at the filming of the movie.  Three years in the making, these glimpses at what the crew endured and enjoyed are not to be missed.

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