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REVIEW — The Wild Reality of AVN Show 2023

Fabulous Las Vegas is famous for its glamorous excess and wild decadence. So far this year, no place on the strip united both qualities more than at the 2023 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

Held in the center of the new and luxurious Resorts World Las Vegas from Jan 4 – Jan 7, 2023, the AVNs featured vendors, products, and celebrities from all over the world of adult entertainment.

Explosive Products at the Expo
The AVN Expo hall was filled with row after row of luscious lubes and pulsating pumps, each one bigger than the next. There were also practical products like reusable hand and body warmers that instantly heated up at the push of a button.

Amateur Cam Girls

The 2023 AVNs heavily promoted stars from sites like Brazzers, Chaturbate, and MyFreeCams.

Of course, MyFreeCams.com sponsored the 2023 AVNs and, therefore, had the largest presence at the event. However, Chaturbate also made a large impression, occupying a large part of the real estate on the main floor. In attendance were popular cam stars, scantily clad, but performing shows for online fans live at the Expo.

While a few vendors charged for autographs and selfies, Brazzers generously offered free autographs, pictures, and meet-and-greets with a rotating stable of barely dressed talent who were genuinely kind and patient with their, often, longwinded-but-adoring fans.

Professional Porn Stars

While fan-favorite amateur cam girls were highly promoted in the main room, celebrated professional adult film actresses were the stars of the show over in the AVN Expo Showroom. They each had their own personal booth and were more than happy to meet, greet, spank, or blow a kiss to passersby while offering posters, photos, and DVDs for sale.

The GayVN Experience

The most fun place at the AVNs was the GayVN room. The guys in there at Men.com and SeanCody.com seemed neglected and relegated to the far side of the event space. However, they didn’t give a damn. They were all hilarious, laidback, and having a ball in their corner of the Expo hall. They graciously autographed glossy prints and headshots for a friend who couldn’t make the trip, and signed their names with absolutely raunchy jokes and hilarious roasts. They were a blast.

Reality TV Star Spottings
Among the fans lined up to meet more than 1,000 stars from the adult industry were reality television stars from CBS competition shows like Survivor and Big Brother!

The Twins from Big Brother, Julia and Liz Nolan were in attendance modeling to promote a new virtual reality experience from Brazzers. Meanwhile, Survivor icon Ozzy was on the floor meeting and greeting fans. The guy is a legend. He swims like a dolphin, and probably bangs like one too!

Speaking of Twins, I even ran into the stars of the Bollywood remake of the 80s Schwarzenegger/DeVito comedy!

The Swaggiest Swag
The geniuses at MyFreeCams.com also delivered the best swag at the event. From shot glasses and lighters to white branded wayfarers and mini-vibrator keychains, their branded freebies were both hilarious and useful.

A Sight to Behold

Coinciding with the massive Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was a masterful scheduling idea by AVN promoters. It allowed legions of metaverse, VR, big data, and device nerds that were across the street at multiple resorts and convention centers the opportunity to hob-nob with their favorite adult film celebrities who work in an industry that they each likely support multiple times a day.

I’m not sure if the same stars will align next year, but the 2023 AVNs were definitely one for the (dirty) books.

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