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REVIEW — “The Wedding Ringer”


“The Wedding Ringer” is another solid entry into the newest Hollywood craze, Bromantic Comedies. These are comedies I can get behind, as a guy, because they show the guy side of relationships and how we think and interact with others, but they are still fun for our significant counter-part. It’s crazy to think that this is only just becoming a big thing in theaters, but I can’t think of anyone better than Kevin Hart to lead a film about it. He exudes personality, and lights up the screen whenever he’s on it, but does he shine a little too bright?


“The Wedding Ringer” is a hilarious comedy about a man with no friends who hires the services of Kevin Hart’s character to supply him with a Best Man and Groomsmen for his wedding. Because the writer’s lack true creativity, the loner in question has to be a rich, fat, white guy (I guess Kevin James is too old for this role now?), but it’s played well by Josh Gad. Add to this that the wife-to-be has to be ridiculously hot, out of his league, and somehow flawed (a la “That’s My Boy’s” wife-to-be). This role was played by Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, who could have really been any hot chick, and no one would have noticed. She contributed very little to the character, but still had a moment or two. The story and writing itself are the biggest issues with the film as they give us borrowed plots from various films, clichéd characters, and weak development, but there are things that do work; mainly the comedy.

It certainly looks like they had a blast filming this movie!
It certainly looks like they had a blast filming this movie!

The actors are the strongest part of this film, as they have such strong chemistry and comedic timing. Kevin Hart, obviously, is the star and really outshines everyone. It makes me worry for him, because he doesn’t seem to have any place outside of this genre, and people might tire of him. However, in this he exudes charisma, and is right at home making the audience laugh in just about every scene. Josh Gad, who has a show (“The Comedians”) coming out soon with Billy Crystal, is really starting to make a name for himself in this genre as well. His singing and dancing really left the audience in stitches, even if the latter may have played out a little too long. The rest of the supporting cast, which includes Jorge Garcia (Hurley from “LOST!”), all get a moment to shine as well, and they really do shine. I especially love the one that gets the last line in the film (you’ll leave the theater laughing your butt off at it).

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad;Affion Crockett;Jorge Garcia

As a whole “The Wedding Ringer” is a hilarious film with what seems like a new story, but as you take it apart you see there isn’t too much uniqueness to it. Most of the plot points and characters borrowed from other films, but it still works the way they’ve put it together. There are only a few moments, like a Football game that takes a little too long, that slow this film down, but even those still have some laughs. The lack of development and originality keeps me from rating this higher, but don’t be fooled as it’s still a hilarious film. Kevin Hart truly is a comedic leading man, and I hope he can keep finding work for decades to come. He reminds me of a young Chris Tucker, as he currently seems hungry for these roles. Lets hope he never loses that hunger. 3.5/5

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