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REVIEW — “The Possession of Michael King”

Do you remember when Found Footage films were simple, pure, and effective?  While the genre refuses to lay down and die like a reanimated corpse, “The Possession of Michael King” may remind you while this type of movie became so popular in the first place.

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The film opens with a home movie of a happy day at the park.  Michael King (Shane Johnson), an independent filmmaker, states that he wants to make a documentary about how happy his family makes him.  Tragically, we learn that his wife was killed in an auto accidentally shortly thereafter.  Understandably so, this event changes Michael’s perspective dramatically.  Since he believes that his wife’s belief in the spiritual world led to her death, he wants to prove once and for all that God, the Devil, spirits, and the afterlife are nonexistent.  To do this, he begins seeking out the darkest spells, magic, and demonologists that he can find and putting them to the test.  The problem with this sort of self-destructive logic, is that if he’s wrong, and evil spirits do exist, you really don’t want to invite them into your life.

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There obviously wouldn’t be much of a story if things didn’t go from bad to worse,so it’s no spoiler to state there he experiences plenty of paranormal activities. What makes this better than amongst the forest of similar films?  It stays true to its roots.  The story is simple, there are only a handful of characters and locations, and the pacing is spot on.  As an audience we are also thankful that Michael is attempting to make a professional documentary, and the shakey-cam induced nausea is kept to a minimum.  And while there aren’t very many true “scares” it is very adept at creating creepy scenarios and raising the hair on your arms.  Even a demonic voice that reveals itself near the end of the film is chilling while it closely skirts the line of being too silly.

PM Still 9

While not an amazing film, if you are looking for a fun, short, date-night movie that will creep you out, this is an excellent candidate.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

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