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REVIEW — “Draft Day”


Draft Day is centered around Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner). He is the manager of the Cleveland Browns, and is in charge of picking the new players on draft day. With the draft rapidly approaching, Sonny scrambles to put together the best team possible while managing pressure from his family, work and the ticking clock.

Before I type another word, it is important to note that I could not know less about football if I tried. Or any sport at all, for that matter. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy an inspirational film centered around athletics every now and again. However, Draft Day feels much more like an hour and a half advertisement for the actual draft day and less like an inspiring sports drama.

Kevin Costner just needs everyone to ease up off his back for like a second, okay!

The plot is pretty contrived and minimal but not for lack of having material to work with. With a surprise pregnancy, nagging mother and disgruntled players, there are a lot of possibilities for interesting character development. However it all ends up taking a back seat to a lot of guys puffing their chest out at each other in the name of football and business.

Draft day has some impressive cinematography. The story features characters in numerous cities around the country and almost every location change begins with epic, sweeping HD aerial shots of the city and its football stadium.

The split screens are strong with this film. At first it’s a very fun way to portray  the intense negotiation that goes on but towards the end it becomes old and I was tired of it.

For those of you who lack any interest or passion about football (like yours truly), stay away if you can help it. There is nothing for you and your kind here. The dialogue is incredibly rich with football lingo and player names that can be very confusing. Honestly, at times I questioned whether or not they were speaking English.

Hooray! Sports!
Hooray! Sports!

Now, for you football fans who get all tingly with anticipation for the actual draft day and the like, there is a lot to love about this movie. There are some skeletal plotlines but the movie is really all about football, football, football. These characters live and breathe this game and that definitely comes through. Draft Day is also full of real-life football people playing themselves and actual footage of monumental games. Get ready to geek the freak out.


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