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REVIEW — “ABCs of Death 2”

Haven’t been able to catch a Horror Short Film Block at a local film festival? Here’s the very next best thing! Twenty-six shorts, in each a director was given a letter and told to pick a word then create a film that relates to death.


It’s difficult to review an anthology film, especially one with 26 segments, because each can be wildly different from the next.  All we can do is examine the collection as a whole, and describe the experience of viewing this morbid collection.


The tone of this collection is all over the place.  Some are quite funny, others so disturbing or bizarre you’ll want to take a shower afterwards.  Two are animated, some are tame, others are graphically violent and bloody, and a couple will likely make you laugh out loud.  The only common threads they share are death and creativity.  Watching this collection may leave you a bit queasy, but you will not be bored. While most of these shorts were made just to be fun,  others clearly had a statement to make. Sure, with 26 films crammed into two hours there are a couple stinkers in there, but the rest more than make up for it.


Available on iTunes & VOD October 2, 2014 and in theaters October 31, 2014

4 out of 5 Stars

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