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REVIEW — ModelSpace.com: Build Your Own Millennium Falcon Replica! (Video Review)


Ever want your own large scale Millennium Falcon Replica? Now you can build one, a month at a time!

While touring the floor at Celebration VII we came across an awesome little booth right across the Funko repository.  What was this? A 1:1 replica of the Empire Strikes Back FX model?  And what? We could build it ourselves? Monthly?!?

YES!  Borrowing from the idea of other monthly subscription services, such as the various Loot Boxes or The Easton Press, DeAgostini’s Model-Space.com has a line of models that you can assemble one month at a time.  All of their models are highly detailed, but to a Star Wars fanatic, the Millennium Falcon is their crowned jewel.  For a rather reasonable fee, once a month you are sent the next pieces, and four magazines that provide detailed instructions along with behind the scenes photos and articles.  In addition to building a basic model, you will install lighting and learn advanced weathering techniques.  What makes this even more enticing is, when complete, it is the the MOST accurate consumer model on the market, slightly exceeding even Master Replica’s version!

Check out there website HERE for more detailed information, and below for photos we took at their booth.





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