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INTERVIEW — “Supernatural” Cast (SDCC 2015)

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“Supernatural” Season 11 is nearly upon us, and with it comes The Darkness. When the brothers last left us in season 10, we saw the death of beloved Charlie, Sam sacrificing himself; yet again, for the greater good and Dean turning it all around to give Death a taste of his own medicine. Currently, we know that “The Darkness” is a pre-biblical entity that existed before Crowley and even before Death; and Executive Producer Andrew Dabb let the bomb drop that “The Darkness” is actually female! And she wants something we’ve never seen on the show before, possibly something the guys have never experienced. All new entity, all new problems. #TheFamilyBusiness

With all this coming to a head, what can the fans expect to see from the Winchesters?


I sat down with the cast at SDCC back in July to find out
(click on each cast members name and time, to be directed to that portion of the interview)

jeremy carver sdcc

Executive Producer, Jeremy Carver @ 0:00
Executive Producer, Jeremy Carver teases some of the mythos surrounding “The Darkness”, talks about how the boys are “getting back to basics” of why they became Hunters,  and how they will be relying on “unlikely bedfellows” from the old days, during this seasons arc. Carver also mentioned several specific episode plots, including one being shot entirely inside Dean’s Impala “Baby” and an episode where we find out that imaginary friends are real, and Sam or Dean used to have one! Watch the video above, to find out which brother it is.

andrew dabb adjusted

Executive Producer, Andrew Dabb @3:48
Executive Producer, Andrew Dabb talks about the ripple effects of killing Death, and also how “the point of view The Darkness brings, will be a different point of view than we’ve seen from our bad guys in a long time”. “HER” power can touch all aspects of the show; Angels, Demons, Monsters and everything in between. “Crowley of course is dead”; pretty sure Mark Sheppard bribed Dabb to say that, but will go thru a unique experience this season. When asked how Sheppard felt about his character’s journey, Dabb jokingly said “No one cares, he gets no vote”, “he’s British”.

Misha cropped

Misha Collins, Castiel @8:08
Right off the bat, I asked Misha about the “kale phenomenon” surrounding GISHWHES, That’s Greatest International Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen, for those not familiar. GISHWHES took place August 1-8th of this year and included a handful of Supernatural related items, amongst the 200+ items listed. As far as Supernatural news, poor Castiel is still suffering from Rowena’s attack dog spell, but at time of the interview, Misha mentioned they don’t get a lot of advance notice about their characters directions or future scripts until closer to filming. So what is the fate of our darling Angel of the Lord?  Tune in to the CW, for Season 11 to find out.

jensen sdcc

Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester @15:50
Jensen is coming back as a Director this season, specifically for episode 3, but sadly didn’t share any plot details with us. Delving into his take on The Darkness, he said it’s “beyond Angels and Demons”, that gives the writers “no boundaries, no formula” they have to stick with and we are all looking forward to seeing that. Jensen also reiterated how the brothers are uniting for a common goal, focusing on the bigger picture as hunters; instead of constantly trying to save one another, it’s all about “saving humanity”.

jared sdcc

Jared Padalecki, Sam Winchester @19:40
Just before The Darkness engulfed the brothers at the end of season 10, Sam had offered to sacrifice himself for the sake of Dean, here Jared talks about the “powerful writing” for that episode and how it actually made him cry when he read the scene. Being an open, sensitive guy, he also mentions his struggles with depression and anxiety and the way he had to process and pull back a little during his performance in the last episode. On a lighter note, I asked what all the fangirls want to know  “Hiatus Beards! Why can’t you keep them for the show?” Jared’s reaction is so enthusiastic, you have to watch, to fully enjoy it.

Mark Sheppard croped

Mark Sheppard, Crowley @12:19
“Crowley’s dead, Crowley’s dead” is mostly what I heard from Mark Sheppard during our interview. He did open up about how fabulous it is working with Ruth Connell; the actress that plays his mother, Rowena and that his favorite part was “apologizing to his Mother every time the show aired, the fact that I didn’t feel that way about my Mother”  in real life. Watch the video for more of the same snarky charm and frustration only Mark can deliver.


If you’d like more information about GISHWHES, please visit the website https://www.gishwhes.com  It’s benefits the NPO Random Acts of Kindess, and Ref Kevin and I had the “abnosome” pleasure of participating in our first ever gishwhes hunt this year. We highly recommend you join.

Supernatural, Season 11 premieres October 7, on the CW


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