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Review: Lego Justice League:Attack of the Legion of Doom


If you’re among the folks that have been demanding family-friendly DC Animated content, well then I have a treat for you!  The DC Animated Features are becoming increasingly dark with each subsequent release.  I personally haven’t let my children watch any of them with me since the release of Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.  I have showed them lots of Teen Titans GO! episodes, but I really wanted to be able to have a show where they could get to know the DC slate of characters in a family friendly way.  Lego Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom does just that.  It’s fun for the whole family!

Here’s the official synopsis:

Justice League vs The Legion of Doom – The Justice League starts to fall apart when they try to decide who should be nominated as te am leader and a new member sows seeds of discontent among them, all while the world’s super villains are forming their own team to destroy the League once and for all.


I won’t say that this is a Masterpiece like The Lego Movie was, but it is really fun and teaches some great moral lessons.

Flash and Green Lantern are constantly fighting for Wonder Woman’s attention, while Cyborg is just trying to find his place among the Justice League.  Cyborg is the heart of the story, and is the character that the audience will be able to relate to.  Batman is characteristically cold, while Superman is delusional in his optimism.  There is a point where Cyborg tries to elicit advice from each member of the League, but only to find out that they all are pretty one-dimensional except for Wonder Woman.


The voice acting is wonderful here.  They pulled over a lot of the same talent from the Lego Batman video games (some of my favorite video games of recent years), however they replaced a few key voices.  The greatest addition to the cast is the endlessly talented Mark Hamill.  He reprises his role as the Trickster (he played that role in the 90’s Flash TV series and again in the new CW Flash series) and also lends his vocals to Sinestro.

It’s no secret to those who read my reviews or follow me on Twitter that puns are my favorite type of humor.  And boy, this animated feature has them in droves!  It also has some very funny ‘in’ humor for comic book enthusiasts (there are some New 52 jokes that I chuckled at).


Justice League vs The Legion of Doom is a fun movie for kids that introduces them to these iconic characters in a clean, moral way.  We need more entertainment like this that allows parents and kids to enjoy stuff together.

4/5 Stars

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