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INTERVIEW — “Justice League: Gods & Monsters” (SDCC 2015)


What is this new “Gods & Monsters” alternate reality Justice League? What have they done to our favorite characters?!?  Ref Kevin sat down with the team behind this new animated feature to get some answers!

The full video is on this page, but you can jump to individual spots in the interview by clicking on the timestamp links below.

Tamara Taylor – “Wonder Woman / Bekka” (0:00)

Tamara was thrilled when she was asked to play Wonder Woman, but was also surprised to learn she wouldn’t be portraying Diana.  This Wonder Woman, Bekka,  has very different origins, and is fragile as she is strong.  In some ways Bekka has more depth to her than the traditional heroine.


 Paget Brewster – “Lois Lane”  (10:43)

Following in the footsteps of her friend Dana Delaney, Paget Brewster is voicing “Lois Lane.”  While the world around her is quite different, this Lois is virtually the same.  She is still the intrepid reporter who has no patience for injustice.  The biggest difference is Lois’ relationship with the heroes, particularly Superman, whom she despises.


Andrea Romano –  Dialogue Director (20:30)

Andrea Romano is the esteemed and highly talented Dialogue Director that is behind a multitude of animated series, most notably the DC properties.  Kevin Conroy as Batman, and Mark Hamill as the Joker?  Yup, you have her to thank directly.  Andrea has won a number of Emmys for her work and is a joy to talk to.  Don’t miss her segment!


Alan Burnett –  Producer/Writer (27:53)

Alan has been writing cartoons for a very long time. In fact, during the interview he apologized for his part in the old Super Friends series!  We talk to Alan about these new characters and how liberating it was to write without the constraints of preexisting lore and expectations. We also discuss how the rating system has changed over their years, especially in comparison to “Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.”


Sam Liu –  Director (37:30)

Sam has directed a number of animated shows, both for DC and Marvel. Perhaps most well known for “Batman:Year One” and “All-Star Superman.”, Liu is well suited to take on this new feature.  One thing we discussed is how collaborative the team is on these DC animated films.  It’s a bit different than how other studios operate but it is likely the secret to their success.


Bruce Timm –  Executive Producer (47:01)

Bruce Timm, the man, the legend.  Timm brought us “Batman:The Animated Series” and is responsible for the creation of Harley Quinn.  It’s hard to imagine/remember the world of comics before that.  Once again, he’s the driving force behind another piece of DC animated history.  Moments after our interview, he also annouced that in 2016 they will be releasing “The Killing Joke” featuring the return of Mark Hamill as The Joker!


C. Thomas Howel –  “Dr. Will Magnus” (52:15)

Dr. Magnus has existed in DC lore for a very long time, but he’s not well known to the general public.  In this version he is college pals with batman, and helps with his medical issues.  We talk to C. Thomas Howel about voicing this character, and some other characters he’s portrayed in the past.

Be sure to check out our full review for “Justice League: Gods & Monsters” which is released on DVD, Bluray and VOD July 28th!

Below is the full interview and all three episodes of the Gods & Monsters Chronicles.

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