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REVIEW — “The Quiet Ones”

Although it has a rather interesting concept and claims to be “Inspired by actual events”, the entire film is an exercise in mediocrity and it fails to impress or frighten.


The film opens with Professor Joseph Coupland, played by Jared Harris (Lincoln, Mad Men, Fringe), explaining to a group of students his belief that the Supernatural is nothing more than a physical manifestation of what exists in a person’s mind.  To prove this theory he brings together a group of three students (who seem more like groupies) and inflicts torture/experiments on a truly disturbed young woman who also idolizes him.  A number of these “experiments” are never full explained and seem to exist only to force the lumbering plot along. (You’ll be sick of Quiet Riot within the first 20 minutes)  His goal is to somehow invoke this evil energy, transfer it from her body, and then destroy it.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to know how to do any of this effectively.


The base concept of the film, using science to explain the supernatural, is rather interesting.  It takes place in the 1960s which is also rather interesting. (Particularly in the areas of clothing and technology)  Unfortunately, everything else is rather dull or strange. There is an unusual underlying sexual tension permeating the movie that feels out of place. A number of sequences are shown through the perspective of the cameraman.  During these scenes, the screen shrinks to a square aspect ratio, with extra grain.  The idea is obviously to mimic the “raw” feel of found footage films for number of the scares, but instead it feels tired.


While not overtly bad, it all feels like it’s been done before.  There is nothing to elevate this flick above something you might stream on Netflix during a very boring home alone.  At least it has a really fun ending sequence with an effective gag we haven’t seen since “Gremlins 2”


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