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REVIEW — “Happy Death Day 2U”

Happy Death Day 2U follows our favorite anti-final girl Tree reliving the same day that she had just escaped from in Happy Death Day, except this time, the time loop is affecting everyone. The sequel takes more of a science fiction-based approach rather than horror as it attempts to figure out why and how this time loop is happening instead of just focusing on unmasking the killer.

While the first act of the film sets up all the necessary information for the new turn the series is going in, it all happens very fast and it almost feels like the audience is given too much to process all at once. This is quickly subsided when Tree’s time loop starts over, however, but the pace remains brisk. Jessica Rothe once again shines as Tree and is able to nail the more serious moments that the film presents just as well as she always does with the comedic ones. The supporting actors (some from the original as well as some fresh faces) also give strong performances, especially considering how different a few of them were in the original.

An interesting thing to discuss about Happy Death Day 2U is how much pressure is put on its audacious lead, even more than ever before, and how willing she is to accept the task at hand as it is not only her life that is being affected by the time loop. Tree’s indomitable spirit and heroic strength are so inspiring to see and you can’t help but to root for her through every twist and turn.

I recommend going to see Happy Death Day 2U if you want to have a good time and escape into the world of this genre-bending adventure. I can’t wait to see what Christopher Landon does with the possible third entry to the series (Hint: Stay after the credits) and no matter how wacky and unrealistic it gets, I’ll simply be having too much fun to care.

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