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DVD Review: Teen Titans Go: Appetite for Disruption

The Teen Titans have had a wonderful love affair with television. While the original cartoon on Cartoon Network had a bit too much anime for my tastes, it was still really fun and treated the characters with reverence.

Now we have the official sequel series, Teen Titans Go, which the first part of its second season has just hit DVD. This series is entirely unserious and is geared towards an even younger audience than its predecessor. However, having seen the first part of the second season on DVD, I can say without a doubt that it is just as enjoyable for adults too!

I watched all 26 eleven minute episodes with my daughters. I think I enjoyed the humor much more than they did, but they still really liked the show. The animation style is unique in that it seemingly desexualizes the characters, at least compared to the previous series. The voices are as spectacular as ever.

Where this series shines for me is in its humor. I laughed so hard at some of the jokes, and none of them inappropriate for even the smallest of children. I love Raven and Starfire so much. They are both such marvelous characters and are voiced perfectly.


While the show may be geared towards younger audiences, it is good clean fun that the whole family can enjoy. It is extremely funny and I recommend it to one and all. You can pre-order Teen Titans: Appetite for Destruction now and it will be released on April 14th.

5/5 Stars


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