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REVIEW — “Trainwreck”


Amy Schumer is the writer and star of this summer’s Romantic Comedy, Trainwreck. Amy is a complacent magazine editor who leads a rather promiscuous personal life. Thanks to the slight brainwashing of her father, Amy insists that her aversion to commitment is realistic and in her best interest. She keeps everyone, including her family at arm’s length. But her way of life is threatened when a sweet and handsome doctor (Bill Hader) wants more than just a one night stand.


Amy Schumer’s character is pretty unlikable at first. She’s an alcoholic, tactless, careless and selfish.  However, Amy is, of course, absolutely hilarious. Despite her character flaws, Amy’s sharp tongue and wit keep you rooting for her. And her character development throughout the course of the movie is believable and surprisingly tender.  In her debut feature film, Amy shines in every scene she is in. I look forward to seeing a lot more of her in the future.

I think the only real problem I have with Trainwreck is that I don’t entirely buy Hader and Schumer as a couple. Don’t get me wrong, they have great chemistry. But Amy is just so crazy and mean! Their relationship is much less tumultuous than I believe is realistic. You all might be thinking “But Sassy Sarah, aren’t you single? What do you actually know about love?”  To that I say: First off, I’m offended you would even think to ask that, GOSH. Second, you’re right. I know almost nothing, but I’m still not buying it.

I’m a huge Tilda Swinton fangirl. I’m talkin’ bordering on obsessive worship. Most of her work has been confined to drama so it was an absolute delight to see her in a comedic role. Her part as Amy’s boss is absolutely entertaining. Typical of Swinton transformations, she is almost unrecognizable. She is ruthless, insensitive and self-absorbed in the most fabulous way.


Trainwreck is extremely funny but be warned that it is crude. Even though there is no full on nudity, it earns its R rating by the dialogue alone. This humor isn’t necessarily my cup of tea but I found it refreshing to see this movie successfully tackle a humorous female perspective on sex. Trainwreck is being been promoted in association with Bridesmaids and I think that’s a fair comparison.  If you enjoyed Bridesmaids, you will find a lot to love about Trainwreck.  It’s funny, frank with just the right amount of heart.


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